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Land Trading – EB Construkt Limited

Land Trading

Buying Land with Confidence

Do you want to build but don’t have a land? Don’t worry just give us your specification and our land experts will help you get one in strategic locations. We are here to save you from buying an undervalued land for an overvalue price. We buy and sell lands for private and urban development in our towns and cities. Our team of transparent and reliable land experts will work with you to accomplish the following;

Visit location with client’s representative or client himself.
Planting of Pillars
Sight plan signatory by chief surveyor.
Land Attestation and Land Title
Whether you need technical assistance or a fresh idea, our team can help

About EB-Construkt

EB Construkt is a construction management company that provides and ensures quality, assurance and fulfillment for Cameroonians in the diaspora who wish to build or take up construction projects in Cameroon. We are focused on creating personalized construction management solutions.

Our Services


Interior Design
Land Trading

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Head office address is 23 GreenHaven Drive, SE28 8FR
+44 7532710709
King Standard Academy Molyko Buea. PO Box 233.
+237 79771506

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Monday 09:00 — 17:00
Tuesday 09:00 — 17:00
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