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Project Management – EB Construkt Limited

Project Management

Your Projects On Time and Under Budget

EBConstrukt clients find it beneficial to employ building & construction project management services to ensure a smooth process from concept to delivery. We consider the needs of every client to be unique and will work closely with each client through all phases of their project; from Land sourcing to purchasing of the land, pre-construction to design, to actual construction work and post construction requirements to guarantee faultless service from beginning to end.
EBConstrukt offers assistance with effective site selection so that sites can practically and economically be built and also have a better chance of making it through the planning process. We would also make an assessment on the availability of key services that will work on the project making sure it is completed within the agreed time and budget. We also carry out feasibility studies for prospective land sites so it can be accurately evaluated prior to acquisition.

Before any construction begins, plans for your project are developed, finalized and submitted to the building permit office for review. Permits may be required for all or some of the following work: building, electrical, plumbing, septic system and sewer connection. ​Prior to this, a number of site tests may be conducted to examine the water table, the soil and the bearing capacity of the land and to conduct environmental tests. With this information, final engineering adjustments will be made to carry out the project plans.

At this stage Excavation is done, and the footings (concrete slabs to support the foundation walls) are formed and poured. Water, electricity, telephone and cable services may be brought in at this time. ​The foundation walls are erected (may use poured concrete in temporary wooden forms or permanent insulated blocks, concrete blocks or preserved wood, for instance). The foundation may be insulated and damp-proofed. Drainage is installed to keep ground moisture away from the house. A municipal inspection of the foundation may be conducted before the outside perimeter is back-filled. At this time, the builder may ask client to begin making their selections: deciding on flooring, tiles and cabinets etc. While it will be weeks before these items are installed, they must be ordered early to prevent delays later.

Exterior walls, interior partitions and the roof are assembled. This usually means erecting a framing skeleton and applying an exterior sheeting; or another framing technique may be used. Once the house is fully framed, windows and doors are installed. The builder’s aim is to get to “lock-up” where it is closed as quickly as possible to protect the structure from the elements. The basement floor is installed. Electrical and plumbing services are roughed in, and ducting for heating, cooling and ventilation is put in place. At this time, your municipality will probably require a structural inspection to ensure that the home meets all building code requirements. Electrical and plumbing inspections will likely be conducted as well.

For the next several weeks, a great deal of work will happen inside and out, much of it at the same time. The exterior walls and the roof are insulated, and a vapor barrier is applied. Another municipal inspection may take place to ensure this work has been done properly, before the drywall is installed. Heating and cooling systems are installed, including fireplaces.

At this point, the builder and crew are busy completing the final touches and cleaning up. You will be asked to do a walk-through of your home with the builder. Any last-minute touch-ups will be done. On the date of possession, you will be handed the keys to your project.

As your project gets close to completion, few days before keys are handed over to you, the builder will take you on a tour of the entire project. There are two reasons for doing this. First, the builder wants you to inspect the project in detail to make sure everything has been done right and according to plan; this is usually done to make sure we met our client’s requirements. Secondly, the builder wants to familiarize you with the systems and products in the completed project—how to operate, maintain and service them. The builder will use an inspection sheet and you will be asked to sign at the end of the tour. Anything that requires attention or correction would be noted on the sheet, even very minor imperfections. That way, there is no debate later about who is responsible. Minor corrections are usually made before you gain access to the property and anything else will be dealt with afterwards as quickly as possible.

Whether you need technical assistance or a fresh idea, our team can help

About EB-Construkt

EB Construkt is a construction management company that provides and ensures quality, assurance and fulfillment for Cameroonians in the diaspora who wish to build or take up construction projects in Cameroon. We are focused on creating personalized construction management solutions.

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